Our strategy – to successfully combine consistently high quality services and a reasonable pricing policy.

Rootwelt was founded in 2013 as a joint startup of two large European hosting providers.

We were able to combine an invaluable experience, highly qualified staff with exclusive knowledge, along with the highest level of customer focus and effective feedback.

There are no hidden charges or improper restrictions, a wide range of payment methods, expert level support – and that’s what makes us the undisputed leaders of the market in VPS Hosting Europe and CIS countries.


One of our key factors to success is our talented and hard working team of professionals. We love what we do, and are constantly improving to provide a flawless service. Join now!

We are always on the lookout for talented employees: technical support specialists, system administrators with experience in virtualization, marketing and SMM pros. If you are successful in one of these areas, have the relevant experience and are fluent in English or German, please contact us at job@rootwelt.de to find out more about joining our company.